A Tripadvisor approved bar crawl

We are very proud to have gotten great ratings on Tripadvisor! This means we are now officially an epic bar crawl Tripadvisor approved! As far as we know it, we are the only pub crawl Budapest has got that has been rated by the prestigious backpacker advice centre, and are the ones who have been at it the longest, are the best at doing it, and can show credentials to back up our claims. We are a professional pub crawl service who are in touch with many hostels, almost every bar in the city, and all of the famous discos and clubs the inner city has to offer, and we meet every night at 9 PM in front of the Burger King at Oktogon to take a group of travellers on a tour of the bars and pubs and clubs that this city is actually becoming quite famous for.

Our recipe is simple: take a large group (the more the merrier!) of thirsty backpackers, bring them to 4 or 5 excellent bars, with a power hour, specials on drinks, cool locals and fellow travellers along the way, and finish off with a dance club that lets you stay as long as your feet can move! If this sounds like something you and your party may be interested in, why not get in touch with us, or just come to the Oktogon at around 9. You can call us and join in later as you please, as we stay for quite a bit at each bar we go to.

AllNightCrash Pub Crawl Budapest, Budapest,Oktogon 1,1066, +36 70 771 1775